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You are not alone.

Hart & Co is your support through separation and divorce.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaching helps you navigate the emotional and practical challenges in separation, divorce and single parenting. A divorce coach understands the process of divorce and what steps need to be taken to get you from start to finish.

Private Coaching

Relationship breakdowns, separation or divorce bring many emotions to the surface. Private coaching facilitates a goal orientated tailor-made forward focused process helping you to recover and transition.

Family Mediation

Court can be avoided when mediation is successful, and parents are able to resolve financial and parenting matters together with the help of a mediation professional.

In the dark uncertainty of divorce everyone needs a flashlight to shine the way forward. Hart & Co Divorce Coaching and Mediation is your flashlight of resources, support and direction to empower you, find your control and become knowledgeable.
Helping you to gain the tools to set yourself on your feet and to continue your journey independently.

Start your new life from the ashes of divorce. Hart & Co is your rising Phoenix.


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"Thankyou for helping me find control again in my life"
"Thankyou for helping me find my self belief again and rebuild life after divorce"
"Thankyou for helping me re-build my relationships with my kids and supporting me in the new way of parenting as a single parent"
Hong Kong
"Your support has been invaluable through one of the toughest parts of my life"
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"I feel like you really know me, it's the first time I've felt support in a long time"