I help clients during
an overwhelming
time to find stability,
reduce the
financial impact
and minimise the
damage to children.

Divorce is like an umbrella. Underneath is a vast range of emotions, situations and decisions that arise throughout the process that many, if not most people, never see coming let alone know how to begin to deal with them.

Every divorce is unique and each person in their divorce is unique. There is no one size fits all.

I work alongside a selected range of Legal and Financial Professionals, Mediators and Parenting Co-ordinators as well as other divorce support experts.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaching helps you navigate the emotional and practical challenges in separation, divorce and single parenting. A divorce coach understands the process of divorce and what steps need to be taken to get you from start to finish.

  • Deciding whether to stay or leave your marriage or relationship
  • Information and resources about the process that assist you in developing parenting plans and settle your finances.
  • Referring and preparing to meet with legal, financial and other professionals.
  • Support and strategies to reduce the stress of divorce.
  • Communication strategies to facilitate you in building an effective parenting relationship with your former partner.
  • Developing skills to manage conflict and toxic relationships

Private Coaching

Relationship breakdowns, separation or divorce bring many emotions to the surface. Private coaching facilitates a goal orientated tailor-made forward focused process helping you to recover and transition.


Family Mediation

Court can be avoided when mediation is successful, and parents are able to resolve financial and parenting matters together with the help of a mediation professional.

During the mediation process, parties separate into private sessions and discuss the issues in their dispute, develop and explore options to resolve their issues. Parents consider the appropriateness, reality and usefulness of their options and reach an agreement of their options in the best interest of their child or children.